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In-Sight Photo ID is your complete source for photo identification supplies and equipment. We carry a great selection of film based ID equipment and supplies and provide digital imaging services as well. Contact us today for more information.
Film Based ID Equipment & Supplies
Fuji FP-100c (10 Frames Per Pack)
LX600, 6-Lens Camera #106050DX, & #106060SX
• Saves on Film Cost
• Produces 50% More Photos per Sheet of Film
LX400, 4-Lens Cameras #104050DX, & #104055SX
• Fast, Dependable, & Easy to Use
• Pedestals #142040
• Battery Pack #142005
• Photo Die Cutters
• Quickly and Accurately Die Cuts Instant Photo Film to the Exact Size
C-1H Standard Die Cutter #120051
Die cuts photo to 1" x 1 1/4" for ID cards and badges. Will handle 4-up and 6-up photos. Use with LX600D, LX600E, LX400D, and LX400E Instant ID Cameras. Select die cutter to provide rounded or square finished photo corners.
A-3 All-Photo #121050
Use with Instant All-Photo camera. Die cuts two All-Photo ID cards (photographs) simultaneously. Precision die cut, 1 3/4" x 2 3/4" with 1/8" radius.
Passport Die Cutter #120105
Use with LX200D and LX200E Passport Cameras. Die cuts 2" x 2" instant passport photos.
Pouch Laminators
Heavy-duty, high-quality, durable pouch laminators provide exceptional, smooth-finished lamination. These are highly recommended for a variety of pouch and ID Card applications, including PIP+(r) (Teslin(r)) Core-Materials
LX350 #110731
The LX350 and LX1200 are recommended for a variety of Pouch and ID card applications using PIP+ (Teslin) Core-materials.

Operating at a 30% faster lamination speed, the new Laminex Desktop LX350 and LX1200 Pouch Laminators offer higher quality lamination for a variety of ID cards, badges, and a wide range of office documentation.

Built more durable with a metal housing, the LX350 and LX1200 come with a thermometer and 5-year warranty, and are both UL listed and CSA approved. Laminates ID cards and badges up to 3 7/16" wide.

Handles photo ID cards, business cards, luggage tags, and membership cards. Ideal for paper inserts. Durable, tamper-resistant lamination with minimal effort.
LX1200 #110841
A versatile laminator designed for multiple CAD applications, laminates more than one card at a time, and accepts a wide range of documents. Laminates up to 12 9/16" width, providing comprehensive laminating capability.

A list of items that can be protected by the LX1200 includes cards and badges, catalogues, manuals, price lists, letters, management reports, flow charts, sales presentations, specification sheets, and more.
Fujifilm, ID Cards in Valley Stream, NY
Fuji PF-100c
Die Cutters, ID Cards in Valley Stream, NY
Die Cutters
LX350, ID Cards in Valley Stream, NY
LX1200, ID Cards in Valley Stream, NY
Security Badge Example, ID Cards in Valley Stream, NY
Security Badge Example
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